1. Where is Sai Smart School located at?

Ans:- Near Shri Jagannath Medical College & Hospital, Puri-Konark Marine Drive Road, Puri-752002

  1. When was Sai Smart School founded on?

Ans:- 28th February 2020

  1. Who is heading Sai Smart School as Principal?

Ans :- Mr.Prakash Chandra Ratha

  1. Which board is Sai Smart School based on?

Ans :- CBSE

  1. What are the school hours?

Ans :- 7:30am-2p.m

  1. How to apply for admission in this School?

Ans :- School Visit à Registration à Application à Admission

  1. What is the age limit for admission to different classes?

Ans :-  Pre-School-3yrs-5yrs

                   Std I  - 6yrs

                   Std II - 7yrs

                   Std III          - 8yrs

                   Std IV- 9yrs

                   Std V - 10yrs

  1. Does the School offer Admission to Pre-school students?

Ans :- Yes

  1. How much is the Admission fees?

Ans :- 25000/-

  1. How to pay the fee at the time of Admission?

Ans:-Through Cheque in the name of Sai Smart School or digital payment mode.

  1. What would be the visiting time to meet the admission office for queries?

Ans :- 9am - 3:30pm

  1. What is the age criteria for admission?

Ans :- Min-3yrs

  1. Does the child has hostel facilities?

Ans :- No

  1. Is the school providing transport?

Ans :- Yes

  1. Which areas are Covered by School Transport?

Ans :- All the areas  in Puri

  1. When the Admission Process begin?

Ans :- Admission is going on

  1. Can the Admission process be online?

Ans :-No

  1. Does the School offer any Coaching for student?

Ans :- Yes

  1. What is the Strength of Each Section?

Ans :- 30

  1. Are the Teachers Trained?

Ans :- Yes

  1. How does the School Communicate with the Parents?

Ans :- Visiting the Website, Message and Phone Call

  1. What are the basic facilities offered by the school?

Ans:- Hybrid Class Rooms, Well Furnished Library, Indoor & Outdoor Activities, App Based Attendance, Complete Educational Ambience, 24hours Wi-Fi Enabled Campus, Qualified Faculty      Members, Transport with GPS Tracking System, Campus under CCTV Surveillance, RO Purifier Drinking Water, App based e-learning Platform .

  1. Do you have Smart Classes?

Ans :- Yes

  1. Will there be a Parent Orientation Programme?

Ans :- Yes

  1. What is the Registration Procedure?

Ans :- By visiting the School?

  1. Is there an Entrance for Admission Procedure?

Ans :- Yes

  1. Does the School offer any Scholarship?

Ans :- Yes

  1. Does the Annual fee Includes Stationary and Uniform?

Ans :- No

  1. Would an Identity card be given to Parents?

Ans :- Yes

  1. How can we contact Sai Smart School?

Ans :- Call 1800-572-3430 or visit Website :- www.saismartschool.com