Katya Das

Parent's of Madhavi Das


My daughter study in Sai Smart School. Nursery class. And she is very happy. It's the best school in Puri. No doubt. Good classroom with big TV and computes, big outdoor area with park zone, for kids playing time. Everywhere is very clean. Teachers are very friendly and so much caring about kids. Very personal take care.So much recommend this school, if u want ur child will get good education, good care, will be happy and progress in life. Choose Sai Smart School.

Inderjeet Singh Bhurji

Parent's of Avni Singh Bhurji


Sai Smart school has a unique approach with smaller class sizes and best in class teachers who care. It allows for a lower student to teacher ratio, giving children more confidence when asking questions, engage in group activities, and opportunities for one-on-one time with the teachers.My daughter actually loves learning here
Teachers are passionate about seeing their students succeed. They are so great about sharing moments of pride they see within your child – their good behaviors and achievements; and they know the importance of getting the parents involved should an issue arise, and do it in a very respectful, approachable manner.
Our experience at Sai Smart School has been exceptional. The teachers have truly invested in my daughter's education and her growth as learners. Adjustments are made as needed to meet the needs of the student. Small class sizes and leveled learning have enabled my daughter to gain confidence in her learning abilities.
Sai Smart School is committed to the over-all child development. They teach value lessons, communication and leadership skills. Patriotism is also present in their activities. It brings out the best in every child by tapping into their individual strengths, while creating an environment of kindness, responsibility, and leadership.
Great team – great school
Thanking the entire team for all the wonderful experience that my daughter is having while learning here.


Krushna Chandra Patra

Parent's of Krishika Patra


"COVD-19 : The Pandemic " has dragged us into the stages of Nationwide Lock-down since the March 2020 causing major disruptions in our lives and livelihood.
At this critical juncture our first lovely daughter KRISHIKA celebrated her 3rd Happy Birthday which delighted us to put her steps into a school to begin her studies with Kindergarten of Montessori system. But this Pandemic closed the doors of all the schools for the kids to get admission.
At this critical point of the time we're made aware that the SAI SMART SCHOOL at Puri is ready to offer a systematic program for teaching the kids on ONLINE learning with up-to-date digital equipment. We therefore got our lovely kid admitted there in K.G. standard.
Here I would like to say that I'm fully satisfied with their methods of Teaching. Our daughter KRISHIKA has developed a lot both mentally and physically in accordance with her age, without any extra stress. Their method of Teaching is so designed that my child takes interest to be punctual in her studies.
Therefore I would like to take an opportunity to thank the authorities and expert Teaching faculties of the SAI SMART SCHOOL for their immense efforts into the online classes and programs with well-developed Technology.


Raj Kumar Daitapati

Parent's of Shivansh Daitapati


Sai Smart School as per the name it’s a blessing for the kids to be a part of it.
As its covid time children are not being able to go to school but they really miss their school especially the ambience which is so mesmerizing that kids get attached towards it. Hopefully they will soon be joining their school which they are missing so much. And last but not the least the teaching staffs are so friendly n co-operative that my child enjoy the online classes also. They make my child so comfortable that he can ask any question whatever comes to his mind. I am really happy with my child’s progress any wish to have such co-operation in future also.
Thank you.


Jayasingha Panda

Parents of Rajanandini Panda


Yes mam, I like the school very much. Because it is a better place for my child. I think all the teachers and staff members are very kind, loving, caring and co-operative. My child enjoy all the activities that have dome in classes. All the teachers are learning very good. So that my child understand it easily. In yoga class, dance class also my child enjoy it very gracefully. She loves her school and her all teachers very much and lastly my child’s principal & vice-principal is so kind & lovable person. Their talking is very lovable. So that my child & me love Sai Smart School.
Thank you.