Sai Smart School is established in a lush green and serene surrounding beside Puri-Konark Marine Drive Road Near Shri Jaganath Medical College & Hospital,Puri. The most natural attraction is the Balukhand sanctuary well known for the habitation of a large number of deer and blackbucks. This unique setting automatically influences the young mind for the development of cognitive, physical, social and emotional skills during their formative years of schooling.

According to Mahatma Gandhi, the aim of education is bringing out the best in child – body, mind and spirit. Sai Smart School is committed to impart quality education to the students to develop their potential to the fullest.

Rabindranath Tagore in his essay “Civilization & Progress” reminds us “creative spirit and generous joy”, are key in childhood both of which can be distorted by an unthinking adult world. The Sai Smart School is determined to ensure joyful learning for all the students from Preschool-I to Class-V during the academic session 2020-21. The childhood period does not come back again to experience the lost creative stage. Therefore, the school is committed to impart teaching through play way method whereby, the child will learn by doing.

Albert Einstein said “Education is not the learning of the facts, but the training of the mind to think”. Therefore, the Sai Smart School will adopt the strategy to impart “life skills” to the students such as critical thinking, creative thinking, problems solving, empathy, interpersonal relationship, self-awareness etc. in well planned manner so that the child can think independently. The child can recognize & utilize his potential to the fullest and become a successful and effective person after school career.

The world has shrunk to an unimaginably small village due to digitization. The information transmission, reception, analysis and interpretation have become the fastest ever incredible phenomena. Due to upsurge of the digitization to the personal life of every individual in every field, the students need classroom transaction through app-based teaching and learning so that they can link the classroom learning to the life outside.

More to add there will be coaching after teaching in every subject with special emphasis on Abacus & Mental mathematics, Cambridge English Assessment, Olympiads & Robotics etc. whereby, the child can realize his potential to the fullest and will emerge as different from others successfully.