Anima Dash


Feeling much pleasure, Sai Smart School started as a premier day-boarding, Smart English medium school in the district of Puri as well as in state of Odisha. Sai Smart School is the product of a vision of a dream of excellence in affordable education with the best infrastructure and most integrated multidisciplinary institute providing a wide range and varied arena for staff & student community. I believe in quality education to students with the support of 21st Century teaching aid & student satisfaction is my topmost priority

Sri Kashinath Misra


“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think”
-Albert Einstein

The world is changing at very fast rate. In order to prepare our children for this new world, we need to change the way we have been educating over years. The students acquire higher qualifications but many of them fail in their lives to make creative thinking or develop interpersonal relationship or cope up with stress or develop problem solving ability etc. Therefore, the parents are required to select the right kind of school of trained teachers & right kind of curriculum for their children from the very beginning of their schooling so that there will be continuous, consistent and constant acquisition of 21st century skills by their children and they will emerge as successful citizens with all life skills wherein their ingenuity will be the hall mark of the right education. 21st century skills are more important & relevant to the students now than ever before. Sai Smart School is here to impart 21st Century skills to the students with right kind of trained teachers, curriculum, digital classrooms & Robotics etc. to provide the launching pad to the students for their stronger and strategic future career. I am confident, the students will enjoy the joyful and meaningful learning.

Prof. (Dr.) Amiyakanta Mishra


As the time is changing, education needs to be seen with new eyes, free frombaggages. In view of the changing style and method of education,Sai Smart Schoolis established which is located at Puri-Konark Marine Drive Road, a pollution free and greeny atmosphere which is unique to provide good education through learning with fun. The vision of the society is to develop a school which encourages creative and free thinking where a child is free to ask fundamental questions, enquire and learn, where an atmosphere of freedom, care and security is created in which children are helped to enlarge their horizon. The teachers are concerned with developing individual talent and intelligence of each child not merely few. We should be aware of child’s talent as well as limitation and allow them to develop in their own way and not on the basis of predetermined expectations. It is our endeavour and an effort towards creating a wider awareness among the society and giving scope for multidimensional development of the students as well as teachers. I wish all success of Sai Smart School to fulfil all expectation of students as well as their parents for greater achievements.

Mrs.Sarita Devi


“Creative spirit and Generous joy” are key in childhood, both of which can be distorted by Unthinking Adult World.
Rabindranath Tagore
in “Civilization and Progress “

Emerging Indian society demands the global skills in the field of education. The present system of education helps in transmission of information giving rise to higher percentage of marks which is a misnomer for knowledge. As a result the students are not able to think independently, ask questions, analyze the data, interpret the data, enquire, come to a decisive conclusion, develop interpersonal relations, think creatively, realize own potential and to have empathy which are required to lead an effective and successful life as a contributing member of the society. Therefore, Sai Smart School is setup with the vision to impart 21st Century Skills using multimedia, technology blended with different educational toys for the development of physical , cognitive, social and emotional skills in the child. Hope, the children will definitely enjoy the joyful learning in their formative years, which will lay the foundation for stronger future carrier.

Sushree Priyadarshini Pani

Vice Principal

Building a highly tech-enabled smart school is our dream for the better future of the students. There is a number of Schools in Odisha, but “Sai Smart School” is unique as this school provides highly Tech-rich environment to grow students’ ability & potential.Albert Einstein rightly said, “To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science.” This is the striking feature of Sai Smart School which the students and the parents must treasure it. I am sure, this school will be the beacon light for the students to realize the 21 st century skills.