School is a place where learning takes place for everyone. Our safe and caring educational environment offers many personalized and unique opportunities. Students explore the world beyond school.

  1. Hybrid Class room
    Digital learning tools and technology sharpen critical thinking skills which are basis for the development of analytical reasoning. This enables students to develop effective self-directed learning skills and make the students smart learners.
  2. Professional Teachers
    The teachers represent the best in the profession and set the highest standard of practice. They have the ability to develop strong relationship with the students. They are the friends, guides and philosophers having strong work ethic.
  3. Fun Activities
    Childhood is the period of creativity & generous joy which requires a plenty of time for fun activities through different games & co-curricular activities thereby the children learn by doing and also they develop the social skills like friendship, cooperation, coordination and other interpersonal relationships.
  4. Transportation
    School bus riding is much beneficial to the students. It can teach children the time management, social skill of travelling together with friends. It is safe and economical. It helps to reduce pollution in the environment compared to individual conveyances. This causes a deep sense of concern for environment. The parents can make GPS tracking of the bus which will help them to save time in handing over & receiving their children.
  5. Library
    A library is an important source of knowledge to the young minds in school. It develops the reading habit of the students. Book is the best friend of the student through which he experiences the external world. Library is the store house of knowledge. It accelerates the development of cognitive skills of the students.
  6. Coaching After Teaching
    Coaching after normal school hour helps to reduce the academic achievement gap of the students. Also, the customised coaching will help the students to learn Cambridge English course, Abacus & Mental Mathematics for stronger mathematics, robotics and coding.
  7. Preparation for Olympiads
    The students are in the era of knowledge explosion and steep competitions. The coaching improves the students’ problem solving ability and challenges them to think analytically. It prepares them for future competitive examinations.
  8. STEM
    STEM education is the digital programme aimed at enabling and encouraging students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics in future.
  9. Robotics
    It is a simple to understand and more tangible introduction to programming. It gives the opportunities to the students to address the growing demand of learning science, engineering, mathematics and technology together. The students can make their own robots. It can explore the new horizon of learning.
  10. Coding
    The students can learn computational skills. It is the new literacy. It helps the children to learn problem-solving skills. Also, it facilitates creativity of the children.
  11. Cambridge English Course
    It is internationally recognised and acclaimed high Standard English. It improves the students’ real life English skills, sets goal and increases the children’s motivation. It helps the students in effective communication skill for everyday life, work and study.
  12. 30:01
    A model students-teacher ratio will only help to realise the objectives of the educational goal of the students. Here the student-teacher ratio is 30:01. This is most ideal ratio in India whereby, the teacher can give individual attention to the students for realizing their potential to the fullest extent in cognitive, affective and psycho-motor domain.